By Alex Wagner, ReutersThe US President Donald Trump is in the midst of his most divisive presidential campaign yet, and many Americans have been left wondering if his latest tweets will be enough to turn off his base of supporters.

But for many of the most vocal supporters, Trump’s tweets were not the message they hoped for when he ran for office in 2016.

Many Trump supporters say the president has a habit of making statements that seem out of step with reality.

Trump’s latest tweet on Sunday came after his supporters had already been waiting months for the president to make a statement about the opioid crisis.

In a message sent on Sunday evening, Trump said he wanted to “reassure” Americans about the epidemic and that the opioid epidemic “is not a problem that has to be addressed”.

But the message was met with skepticism.

Some Trump supporters tweeted the president was just “being a dick” and had a “pantheon of fake presidents” in office.

The president was responding to a tweet from Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders, who tweeted that the administration’s response to the opioid overdose crisis was a failure.

“We have a president that refuses to be a dick and instead tries to be funny.

His tweets are just a collection of his real thoughts, not actual facts.

That is pathetic,” Sanders wrote.

The tweet sparked outrage on social media.

One user wrote: “Trump is being a dick for saying this and now he’s making up a tweet to get attention.”

Others also criticised Trump’s tweet for seeming too partisan.

“If you want a message that’s not partisan, tweet about the people who are dying,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I am so sick of the constant lies and propaganda.

They are hurting so many people,” said another.

The tweets drew mixed reactions from Trump’s supporters.

Some of them were more critical.

One tweeted: “I’m a Democrat.

I’ve been through this before, Trump is a dick.””

I hope he’s going to get the message out about the crisis and start to make it better,” another said.

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