The number of people who use their phones to read emails, send or download files is rising.

About 8.7 per cent of the population uses smartphones and about 9 per cent use them to listen to music and read emails.

But in the past decade, the use of smartphones to access digital services has exploded, particularly on the desktop, according to the latest figures from the Globe AndMail.

The Globe and Mail is tracking smartphone usage across Canada, including the most popular apps and services in the country, as well as the most used devices.

It says Canadians are using more phones to access the internet and download files, with some 33 per cent using their smartphones to do so.

This year, smartphone usage grew by almost 5 per cent in the United States and by 5 per a Canadian.

There are also more smartphone users on the west coast of the United Kingdom than there are in Canada.

While there is a huge range in the use rates of smartphones across the country — the average smartphone user in the US uses about 1.4 devices a day — the Globe and mail says in the U.S. they are using 4.5 devices per day and in Canada, they are 4.2 devices per user.

A study by the Consumer Electronics Association suggests people are more likely to use smartphones when they have a choice.

People are more willing to pay more for apps and games when they are more often on the go, said David Lebovic, an executive vice president of consumer research and advisory services at the association.

He said many consumers are choosing to use their smartphones as their primary means of accessing digital services.

Lebic said people in Canada are spending more time on their smartphones and have lower usage of their mobile devices than people in other countries.

“Our study found that the average user spends almost 10 hours a day on their smartphone,” Lebico said.

“That is very high for us.

We’ve seen people spend less than that in the UK and Canada.”

Lebica said while the U,S.

and Canada share the same user base, the U and U.K. also have higher levels of smartphone users than Canada.

Lebeica said people should also be careful when it comes to their privacy.

“It is important to understand the technology you are using,” Lebeico said, noting that many apps, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, use technology to track your location, which can allow hackers to spy on your life.

In the U-K., Lebeic said many users of WhatsApp are using a device to access WhatsApp while travelling, where they are able to share their location.

The same is true in Canada when people are travelling by car, Lebici said.

But users of the new messaging app Snapchat, which is owned by Facebook, are using the app to send messages and are not logging their location, he said.

LeBeica said it’s important to be aware of the security features in your device.

“If you are not using an encrypted phone, you are vulnerable,” LeBica said.

People should also keep in mind the privacy settings on your device and if you are going to share your location with anyone, it is important that they don’t have access to your phone.

LeBico said it is common for people to share a shared location.

“You will never have access [to your location] if you share your cell phone number,” LeBeic said.

Some people use apps that let you share information with other people, LeBeicas said.

However, the Globe notes that in some cases, these sharing functions could expose sensitive information about your personal information.

“For example, you can’t share your contact list, you cannot share your name, or even your location,” Le Beica said, pointing out that this information can be used for nefarious purposes.

Le beica said when it came to downloading apps, some people might download apps on their phones and others may use their computers to download them.

He added that users can download apps and apps on smartphones, tablets and computers without a licence, which makes it easy for criminals to steal information.

He also said it might be safer to use a VPN to protect yourself online.

“In the case of VPN, if someone is using their own computer to download apps, that would allow them to get access to the device without having to give their real name,” Le Besico said in an interview.

Le Beico said he is not concerned about the growing use of phones to do everything, such a streaming video service.

“People do have access, and I think they are doing that by making it so they don.

That’s a good thing,” he said of smartphones.

“I think it’s good that we have so many choices in the digital world.”

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