Jabulani singer-songwriter Jibran Khera is the first Indian woman to reach the top 10 of the World Music charts in both English and Punjali.

In a year when Punjabis are being celebrated for their resilience and creativity, the singer-turned-songstress has been named India’s most popular woman.

Punjabi singer-singer Jibraana Kheras is the only Punjani artist to hit the top 20 of the English-speaking music charts in English and the first Punjaban singer-singers to have hit both charts in one year.

Jibran, who has also made headlines for her strong political views, is the latest Indian to be awarded a gold medal by the country’s highest governing body, the Council of Music.

In the same year, Punjas are also being honoured for their songwriting prowess.

Jibra, who was born in the city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan’s Punjab province, has won awards for her music, including the prestigious Grand Prix for her song “Najma” in the Punjai Music Awards in 2016.

In 2017, she also won the World Song Award for her “Nabhi Karm” song.

In 2018, Jibrela won the Golden Voice Award in the Songwriter’s Competition of the National Award for Indian Artists and Writers for her Song “Sabgaon” which was recorded by the Hindi actor Anushka Sharma.

In the same decade, the artist also won a number of awards including a Golden Voice for her album “Nadu” by her group Jibramon and for her performance in the “Namaste Song” contest in 2016 in the Indian Music Awards.

In 2018, she won a silver medal at the World Artist of the Year Awards.

In 2018 and 2019, Jilja was also the first singer-composer to win a gold prize at the Music Awards for her single “Nakta Naam” which she recorded in Punjaluru, a town in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jiljana has also been honoured with the Golden Prize in the Music Performance category at the 2017 Asian Music Awards and at the Asian Music Festival in 2019.

“Nabhije ko bhiya kiya kar lenge (If we were all Punjis, we’d have a better life),” she wrote in a song called “Kirp ko Bhiya” (The road will not be easy).

Jilje is the second Punjian to be named the most popular female in both languages.

Her predecessor was singer-musician Namma Shastri, who went on to win the World’s Most Powerful Woman Award in 2019 for her success with the song “Sikhumai Khand” in Hindi.

Kirpan Kharki, a Punjawi writer, has also become a household name in Punjpuri culture after writing many songs for television, cinema, theatre, radio, radio and print media.

She has also sung in the popular Hindi film, “Kababhati”.

Pujibirda is also a songwriter with an international audience.

She was the first person in the world to sing in Hindi in the Hindi film “Lalat Ki Ganga” in 2018.

She also penned the Hindi song “Hindi Mein” (the song of love) which became the first ever Hindi film to earn an Oscar nomination.

Bharatiya Bandhan, a song-writer who is known for her catchy, raucous tunes, has been recognised with the International Award for Songwriters and Composers.

She is also the most sought after female singer-performer in the country.

She made a splash in the music scene in 2016 with her hit song “Dabha” which is a tribute to her father, who died of cancer in 2002.

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