By now, the phrase “f2g-tastic” has entered the lexicon, but it might as well be coined for a band from Japan.

F2g, a quintet of four young female vocalists who call themselves the Japanese Hidetsugu Orchestra, has made a name for themselves through a mixture of hard-hitting vocal harmonies, a playful attitude and a keenly-watched sense of humor.

The band’s music can be traced back to 2006, when the trio first released their debut album, a collection of songs that was met with rave reviews.

The next year, they also collaborated with the hip-hop group 2 Chainz on the track “Kimi ni Maki.”

The Hidetsu, who hail from the small town of Nagoya, have been recording music together since 2012.

They’ve toured internationally, and their recent live album “Manga Katsu no Naka ga Naka” (One Hundred Years of Night) debuted at the 2017 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Their latest album, “Maju No Hime,” debuted in 2017 and they’ve been busy with new material, including a collaboration with the American rapper Lil Wayne.

But it’s the new Hidete-inspired album “Boruto,” which has captured the attention of the world.

A group of young singers, musicians and producers, the Hidetic Orchestra are the latest Japanese group to have their music captured on film, TV and other media.

“Bora” is the latest in a long line of collaborations between the band and filmmakers.

The video for the title track, which was filmed on location in Japan, was released in 2017.

“I thought ‘this song has to be the one,’ ” said the lead singer and co-producer, Haruka Tanaka.

“We wanted to do something that could be heard everywhere.”

The songs that the band has been working on have ranged from a romantic take on a romantic theme song to a more somber take on the classic rock songs that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

They also have a number of collaborations with American artists, including A$AP Rocky, who recorded a cover of “Borborygmos” with the Hida-Hiroshi duo in 2016.

The group also collaborated on a song called “Shura, shura” (A Happy Life) with singer-songwriter Atsushi Nakamura, a nod to the popular Japanese dance song.

They released the track on the band’s latest album “Nagoya Hida,” which features new tracks by the band.

The band has released music videos for songs like “Mangaka” and “Rimu ni Hime” (Long Time), and have also performed with groups like Naughty Boy, Sia, and Girls Aloud.

They have recently worked with American producer Nelly Furtado, who released a collaboration single with the band called “Love and War.”

“It’s been a long road, but we’ve really got it made,” said Tanaka.

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