A couple weeks ago, President Trump promised the American people that the tax cut would be coming in just a couple weeks.

Then he abruptly walked away from his promise, saying he had to get a deal done to pay for the tax cuts.

Now, the president is on a mission to convince Congress that the GOP’s tax plan is the best way to help struggling families.

What are some of the major sticking points that the president will have to resolve?

The White House has put together a list of key sticking points.

The House of Representatives will have the first chance to vote on the House’s tax bill after midnight on Friday.

Democrats hope to force Republicans to vote along party lines to avoid the government shutdown.

The Senate will also have the final say on the tax bill once it passes.

And Trump will need the votes of at least seven GOP senators to get the tax plan through the Senate.

Who is to blame?

Trump has blamed Republicans for not taking care of his economic agenda.

His critics argue that Republicans did not take advantage of the holidays to negotiate tax cuts and that he did not make the budget deals that would allow him to fund his agenda.

But the tax overhaul is actually the result of a process that started in the summer of 2018 when the House and Senate both passed their respective tax bills.

The two chambers then worked on a joint plan that would ultimately lead to a $1.5 trillion cut in the corporate tax rate, and another $1 trillion cut to individual tax rates.

As part of that process, the House approved a tax plan that was identical to the one that passed the Senate but with some changes.

The GOP-controlled House then passed the legislation through the House Ways and Means Committee in mid-September, and the Senate passed the bill in late October.

How did the tax bills differ?

The two versions of the tax legislation have some major differences.

One of the main sticking points in the House is that the Republican tax plan would lower the corporate rate to 20% from 35%.

The House version also cuts taxes on a variety of wealthy people.

The president’s tax cuts would reduce the top individual rate from 39.6% to 28%, while lowering the top rate on corporations to 20%.

The president also has proposed a “revenue neutral” tax plan, which would raise $1,000 for every $1 in corporate tax revenue, but that is still not enough to pay the full cost of the bill.

Trump has promised to get to $10 trillion in revenue, which is a very high bar for the GOP to meet, and Republicans are also trying to avoid paying for it through other means, such as higher taxes on health care premiums or other changes.

Will Democrats get enough votes?

If the Senate passes the tax deal, it will send it to Trump for his signature.

Republicans control both chambers of Congress, so it is unlikely that Democrats will get enough support to pass the tax package through the reconciliation process.

The White Senate Office of Management and Budget will be tasked with finding offsets and other ways to offset the tax hikes in the bill that Trump would sign.

The tax plan also has several other sticking points: A tax break for a family of four with three or more children, called the child tax credit, is set to expire at the end of 2021, and it is not expected to be renewed.

It will only be available for taxpayers with incomes of $10,000 or less, but some Republicans are pushing for an extension.

Some Republicans have suggested that the child credit be extended to all taxpayers, and others have floated the idea of expanding it to include parents of children under 18.

The Trump administration also has a provision that would extend the child and dependent care credit by $1 per month to parents of up to four children.

There are also a variety, but not all, of other sticking issues in the tax plans.

There is no cap on deductions that can be taken for state and local taxes, and many of those deductions are tied to the state tax code.

Republicans also want to phase out the estate tax, a levy on estates worth more than $5.45 million, which the White House says would save $3 trillion over a decade.

If Republicans want to pass a tax overhaul, they will need to agree on many of these sticking points, as well as other tax policy issues, before it is approved by Congress.

Will Trump be able to pass his tax bill?

While Trump has said he would get the bill passed through the regular legislative process, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome.

He has not been able to get his own party on board for a bipartisan agreement on how to pay off the $1 billion in tax cuts the president has proposed.

He also has not negotiated a budget deal, which many Republicans say is crucial for a successful tax bill.

In order to get Republicans on board, Trump will have some challenges on the legislative side as well.

There have been reports of disagreements between Trump and members of his own GOP caucus

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