Joe and Kate were lucky enough to be in the same room as the singer they adore, jo song, for almost 10 years.

Jo, who died in 2010, passed away at the age of 82, but his fans were always around to hear him.

“He was a great singer, I mean he’s not even a songwriter, but he was a brilliant musician,” Kate said.

“It was a pleasure to have him in our life and it was a lovely, magical experience.”

I love him, but I’ll always be in awe of the way he sang.

“When he died, I was a little bit emotional, but it was the other side of the coin.”

We had to talk about how he died and how we were going to spend our lives together.

“Joe’s songs are beautiful, they’re very touching and we will always cherish them.”

But, as they reminisce, they can’t help but share some of their favourite jo songs.

“His last song is the song that has the most heartstrings and I loved that song so much,” Kate shared.

“The lyrics were such a beautiful, emotional piece and it made me cry because I think about how hard he worked and how hard it was to get the song out there.”

And the lyrics to the next song were a little less emotional, they were a bit more about him.

I think of the love and affection that he showed to us all and the support we got from our community.

“While jo song has been around for a while now, Kate is still surprised when people find out about it.”

Well, it’s really funny actually because when we did that interview with the ABC, the other day, I thought it was pretty funny,” Kate laughed.”

But the fact is, jo sang about everything, it was about the weather and he was really keen to show us the way.””

I just think we were a great family and he had a lot of heart, he was such a lovely soul and we really appreciate his music,” she said.

The jo song collection includes:Jo song, an Australian folk song, is a collection of songs by Australian songwriter Joe Song, which have been performed on radio, television and in Australia’s national theatre.

It’s about jo, who lived in the Gold Coast, and his family.

In the 1970s, the song became popular with listeners and was included on the ABC Radio 4 series The Jogger, where the song is sung by host Mark O’Hagan.”

What I’ve loved most about jo song is that it was sung by a songwriting family,” Kate told,au.”

There was a big family and there was a really lovely group of people and there’s so much of jo in the lyrics.

“They’re so poetic, so touching and so heartwarming.”

“He loved Australia so much and he loved everyone, including the people in his family.”

Listen to jo song at: jo song on jo song album, 2010 songs download,2009 songs download article Joe’s legacy continues to be a focus for the Kates, with their daughter Kate and son Joel still a part of the family.

“Jo was the only Australian who was actually a family man and he died doing what he loved,” Kate revealed.

“That was so beautiful, it brought a smile to my face and he left behind a beautiful legacy and we’ll always treasure his songs.”

“Jo loved to share stories with us, but really, he loved music, he always had a smile on his face and was so good at singing,” Kate added.

Jo sang many of the songs on the Kate and Joel song collection.

“Sometimes when I sing jo song to him, he will just look at me and say, ‘You’re so beautiful’,” Kate said, with Joel singing a different version of jo song.

“Like a big, fat, happy, happy man.”

“It’s a really touching song,” Joel said.

Jo’s best-known song is “The Bluebird”, which is sung in the song The Bluebird: A Christmas Carol by George Sexton.

“A lot of the time, when you’re singing jo song and you’re sitting in the car, he’s singing a version of it to you,” Kate explained.

“My mum would tell me, ‘It’s not a song you’ll ever forget.'”

Jo also wrote a song for his daughter and it’s called ‘Boys Club’.

“It wasn’t a traditional song, but when he sang it to me, I think I cried because it made him cry,” Kate recalled.

“Even when he was sick and he couldn’t sing, he still wanted to tell you all about his favourite thing, which was to sing his song to his daughter, and he would always sing his version of the song and sing it to her.”

So he was so happy and so kind,

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