The US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that bomb-related copyright infringement is protected under the Copyright Act.

The decision means that a song may not be used for copyright infringement unless it is accompanied by the copyright owner’s permission.

The Supreme Court said the song was “unlikely to cause substantial damage” and was “likely to be protected by the exclusive right to exploit.”

The ruling comes after a decade-long battle between record labels and music publishers over the song.

A federal appeals court last year struck down a New York Times ruling that said songwriters could not use copyrighted songs without permission from the copyright owners.

But in a major victory for music industry lobbyists, the Supreme Court overturned that ruling.

The high court said that while the Copyright Office does not give copyright owners permission to use copyrighted music, “there is no constitutional limitation on the extent to which songwriters may use copyrighted material in their work.”

The court said the agency has an “impermissible power” to determine what qualifies as fair use.

The case has drawn sharp criticism from the Recording Industry Association of America and other music industry groups, which have sought to have the court invalidate the ruling, arguing that songwriters and music companies are exploiting copyright law to push the envelope on songwriters’ rights.

The decision comes after years of litigation between record companies and songwriters over whether songs that are not copyrighted are protected by copyright law.

The record companies have argued that songs can be used without permission under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which requires companies to remove infringing material from their websites.

But songwriters say they have no right to be free from copyright infringement.

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