“The only way I can describe it is ‘chocolate and ice cream,'” she says.

“It’s really fun.”

The song is a collaboration between Goldie and her producer, Jago Barlow.

Goldie’s song “Goldie” is available for free download on iTunes and Spotify.

Goldi’s track “My Big Secret” is also available on the streaming service.

“I wanted to do something different with the song,” Goldie says.

The song’s catchy lyrics describe her relationship with a man who is obsessed with gold.

The narrator tells the story of the “Goldfinger” character who stole the gold.

Goldfinger stole the diamonds from his boss.

Golding’s “Secret” is a song from the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” about an older couple who have an argument about their relationship.

“He says, ‘I want to know the truth, and you don’t know it,'” Goldie sings on the track.

The couple returns home to find their golden retriever, a goldie, sitting on the couch.

“She said, ‘Well, he wants to know why, and I don’t want to answer him,'” Goldi says.

She goes on to describe the story behind the song.

“The song is about me and the fact that I am constantly trying to hide who I am and what I’m really about,” Goldi tells Billboard.

“And I don.t know why.

I can’t explain it to myself.

I’m just the only one who can.”

The lyrics are about how Goldie can’t believe that the person who stole her diamonds gave her an honest answer about her true identity.

“What I’m telling you is the truth,” she says on the song, which features guest spots from Justin Timberlake, T-Pain and Lady Gaga.

The album, titled “Goldi,” features songs from the likes of Big Sean, Lil Wayne, The Game, Big Sean and T.I. The “Goldy” video is available in the video store.

Goldies “Gold” and “My” collaborations with Jago and Goldie come at a time when the country-pop genre is facing an influx of artists who are releasing songs with more upbeat lyrics and more of a pop-friendly sound.

“People are saying, ‘Hey, maybe I want to be more optimistic,'” Goldbie says.

Gold is just one of many artists who have found success as a songwriter in the last few years.

She is also on the verge of releasing her own solo album, which will feature collaborations with Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and other artists.

She has already recorded a song for Rihanna.

And this fall, she will be releasing a new EP with Nicki.

“There is definitely a lot of new music out there and people are finding a lot more creative ways to express themselves,” Gold says.

When she’s not writing, Gold is busy with her two children, ages 6 and 9.

The younger girl is a singer-songwriter; the older girl is an actress.

“We always had a passion for music,” Gold explains.

“But we’ve been very lucky that our kids have found us, and we are excited to see where they’re going to go.”

You can follow Goldie on Twitter at goldie.larry.goldie or find her on Facebook.

Gold was born in San Diego, California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley.

She began her music career at the age of 7 with her brother and sister, before she took her music to the world.

Golds first hit was a song called “My Little Big City.”

It was released in 2005, and was the first hit for R. Kelly.

Gold’s most recent hit, “Goldin’,” was released this year.

“My little big city” is about the struggles of growing up with two families in the same small town, which she describes as “an epicenter of depression and loneliness.”

The track was written with producer Jago, who Gold says she learned a lot from as a teenager.

“Jago is an amazing person,” Gold tells Billboard of the producer.

“His songs are not only about people and their problems but also about love, about people coming together.”

“I feel like he really knows what it takes to get me through the day,” Gold adds.

“In my head, I think of him as a father figure.

He makes me feel like a parent.

I think about him and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that’s my dad.'”

Gold also says that Jago is “the only person I’ve ever loved more than I do him.”

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