A Turkish singer is set to appear as the “Greatest Showman” episode of the 2017 TV show, CBC News has learned.

Gokhan Yavuz, who’s known as Gokhan in Turkish, will be a guest star in episode 4 titled “Gokgan Is Back” that airs Tuesday.

The episode is directed by Aktar Karayilan, who is also an assistant professor of Turkish studies at Queen’s University.

In the episode, Yavuk will play the title character of a Turkish-Canadian television show that premiered in 2006.

The show starred Yavus and a group of Turkish actors including Hasan Özdemir, who won a Golden Globe in 2014 for his performance as Gogdak in “Game of Thrones.”

Yavuas’ real name is Anurag.

Goshad Aktaroglu, a lecturer in Turkish studies and author of the book “Gosug” about the show, told CBC News that he was excited to work on a project about Turkish-origin television that reflects Turkey’s “special relationship with Canadian media.”

“Gokan Is Back is an important event in Turkey’s history, and I think it’s very important for our country and for our history,” Aktar said.

Goyan Yavutoglu, who was also the producer of the “Goshdak” episode, said he was surprised to hear about the project.

“I was very surprised, because I thought this was a Canadian project and it was something I would like to work with.

I was very happy to do it,” he told CBC.

Yavutuk, who also starred in the “Game Of Thrones” series, told the Turkish broadcaster that he didn’t know if he was in a relationship with the character, but that he had to get over it.

“Gosh was not the main character.

I had to accept it,” Yavur told CBC in an interview.

“I have to make sure that we all go through the journey together.”

Yavuz is one of three Turkish-American actors who won Golden Globes for their performances in the show.

The other two were Karan Kaya and Zohra Ocalan.

Yawad Akgar, who produced the show and wrote the script, told The Associated Press that he wanted to make the episode more accessible to the Turkish-speaking audience.

“This was the first time that I ever had to ask for permission from the Turkish audience to play an American character in a Turkish program,” he said.

“But that’s okay.

The idea was that the show would be more accessible and accessible to everybody.”

Aktar said he had been preparing for the project since 2014, when the show premiered.

Aktar added that he’d had to learn a lot about Turkish language and culture in order to work as a Turkish actor in Hollywood.

Yevgut Tanar, a professor of history and Turkish studies in the University of Toronto, said the show “sounds like it would be very beneficial to a lot of Turkish people.”

“We think that this episode is very interesting and interesting for Turkish audiences, because it opens up a dialogue between Turks and the American audience,” he added.

“It’s also a very important issue because of the Turkish character of Gokgan.

He was very different from most Turks, so we think that it would make for a very interesting episode.”

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