A new book entitled The Truth is About to Get Out of Control by Amy Schatz has been released.

It is the result of a series of conversations that began after a long break, with the authors writing in a shared email that “a large portion of the internet is now out to get us”.

The book is set to release in paperback on September 12, 2017.

Schatz and co-author Jennifer Mascaro spoke to The Independent about how they came to write The Truth about Depression.

What prompted the writing of The Truth?

Amy and Jennifer both had similar experiences with depression, so they were drawn to this topic.

It was a natural progression, because we were both diagnosed with depression at some point in our lives.

It took us a long time to get help, but after a few months of therapy and medication, we started to realise how much depression was impacting our lives and how bad it was.

Amy and I also felt the need to write about it, because a lot of us don’t know the details.

But we thought that it was important to talk about the truth.

Amy said:We were both working in the field of health research and medical imaging, so we felt we had an obligation to talk openly about depression.

The truth is about to get out of control.

It’s a story that is very personal, and I wanted to write a book that was accessible to as many people as possible.

How did you get involved?

Amy had been working as a clinical social worker for more than a decade and Jennifer was working as an epidemiologist.

Amy had also worked as a social worker in the UK for many years, so the idea of getting involved in a book project was not entirely unexpected.

It also wasn’t an easy task, given that Amy was working for a company that had a strong reputation for ethical practices and transparency.

What were the key points that you came up with?

Amy said the first thing that really motivated her was that there was a lot going on with mental health in the country.

There was a large stigma around mental health, and it was an area that we wanted to focus on.

We knew there was very little research into the causes of depression, and we wanted people to know that depression was a common problem, not a rare condition.

What we wanted was for the book to be accessible, and the best way to achieve that was by telling the truth and telling the real stories.

Jennifer said that there are many misconceptions about mental health.

There are people who think that depression is something that only affects the elderly and young people.

They are mistaken.

In fact, it is very common for people to be depressed when they get older, and a lot more people are experiencing depression at the time of retirement.

This is because we have an aging society and the majority of people have never had a depression diagnosis.

People with depression have a much higher rate of substance use than people without it.

And we have been told that depression has no cause.

It doesn’t, because it has nothing to do with your physical illness.

It just happens when you get stressed, which can be anything from having a hard time sleeping, to being in a bad relationship, to having a family member who is depressed.

It isn’t a bad thing.

What’s the message that you hope people will take away from The Truth on Depression?

Amy was surprised to find that many people didn’t get the message.

People think that because they are depressed, they should be ashamed of themselves and that they should not feel happy or proud about themselves.

The reality is that people who are depressed are struggling with depression because they have had some sort of loss.

And depression is a life-changing experience, and there is nothing wrong with trying to cope with it.

Jennifer said that the truth about depression is that the problem is that we don’t have enough information about it.

We don’t understand how much we need to do to try to improve our lives, and what it is really like to live with depression.

It takes a lot for us to get the help that we need.

Amy said that when people think about depression, they think of the symptoms and how you feel.

But it’s not just symptoms, because there are things that can be very difficult.

Jennifer explained that it’s really about the way you look at yourself and the way that you treat yourself.

People often think about how depression is just a bad day, a bad week, and then try to forget about it because they don’t really know what to do about it or what they can do about the problem.

They’re not aware of the fact that depression affects them, and that it can take years for depression to disappear.

Jennifer’s point is that it takes a lifetime to recover from depression.

Amy told The Independent that she feels that depression and the other chronic mental health issues are often viewed as “the fault of society”.

The reality, Amy said, is

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