This year, IGN has selected the best new game of the week.

And we know what you’re thinking.

“You mean I have to pick which game I liked best?,” you might ask.

Well, that’s the whole point.

It’s a contest between you and us, and we know that this list is filled with some truly amazing games that have yet to see a wide release, and yet we’re willing to pick just one game out of dozens to show you which one is our favorite of the bunch.

You can vote for your favorites right here!

We’ll be posting our picks every week throughout the year, and this year we’re going with The Sims 4, because it’s the game that really stood out to us, even if it wasn’t a game that we’ve actually played.

We know that many of you will be wondering which of the new Sims games are your favorites.

We’re not going to tell you, because we really want you to make your own choices.

You’ve got to pick the game you want to see, right?

In fact, you’ll be able to pick up The Sims 3 and 4 as soon as they are released, and the Sims 3 will be free to play for a year after launch.

The Sims 5 will also be free for the first year after release, but you’ll have to pay for it once you’ve upgraded to a Pro subscription.

So if you haven’t yet upgraded to either of these games, you can do so right now, and you’ll only have to do so once a year.

Of course, the only reason you can’t play both the new and the old versions of the Sims is that EA doesn’t have both games in the same year.

So, if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on either of them, you’re in luck!

You can check out the list here, and let us know what your favorite is, so we can pick it out for you in the comments below.

For more on the Sims 4: The Sims Ultimate Collection, head over to IGN and pick your favorites below.

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