A new music streaming service is hit with a copyright claim over a remix of the hit song Fallin Song, and the company has pulled the song from the app’s online store.

The song, which has been covered by Katy Perry and is often used in ads for Apple products, is no longer available to stream, but Spotify said on Wednesday it would be adding a cover version to its playlist in the coming weeks.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said the song was covered by a cover song on the band’s album The Fallin Girl, which was released in 2018.

“We have taken down the cover version of Fallin, which is now available for free on Spotify,” a spokesperson for the AFP told Business Insider.

The AFP said the agency had received a complaint from an Australian distributor about the song and that it was looking into the matter.

“It is alleged that the song is being sold without permission,” the spokesperson said.

The cover version, which features a different cover of the song, will now be added to Spotify’s playlist in a few weeks, the spokesperson added.

The band’s manager, Paul Cook, told The Australian newspaper that the company had “very clearly indicated that the rights to the song were not subject to the copyrights of the artist.”

The company said it was working with the AFP to determine whether it could get the song back.

The US-based music streaming platform, which lets users stream hundreds of thousands of songs, has a track record of fighting copyright claims.

Last year, Spotify won a $2 million judgement against the company for allegedly infringing on a song called Fade To Black, but it later dropped that case and settled.

The company had also been hit by a copyright lawsuit in 2015 that was settled out of court.

The US Department of Justice said it would no longer fund Spotify after finding that it had been illegally manipulating its charts.

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