Malayali singer Aneesa is here.

She is here for the second time.

She was at a rally for the new government.

She has a new album and it is called Malayalee Music.

And the song ‘I Am Malayalis’ is a huge hit.

Her father was a doctor and he was an artist and he created music.

His son has a huge fanbase in Malayalayalam and the song has gone viral.

He is the first singer in the country to get a Bollywood movie.

She sang the song at a Kollam rally in September.

She was at the Kollams rally for Prakash Javadekar and his party.

What was the first thing you noticed about her?

When I was at school, I would listen to her songs and it was like a soundtrack to my life.

She gave me hope and helped me to reach my dreams.

Why is Malayala music so popular in the state?

The people here like to sing Malayalan songs because they are so different.

We are more introverted and we are more reserved and we have a more ‘Indian’ culture.

We also sing songs about Malayals.

There are some songs like ‘Kaliyan’, ‘Kanat’ and ‘Kadam’ which are not in English.

The songs are about Malaysia.

The word ‘Malayalam’ is an important part of our identity.

The people sing the Malayayan songs and sing them in Malaysian.

They are so proud and happy.

I remember when I was a child I sang a song like ‘Biju Kalyan’.

I would say ‘Biji Kalya’.

I had to listen to that for a long time.

Where are you from?

My parents migrated from Kerala when I went to school.

They were born and raised in Kerala.

You have been singing Malayas songs for a while now.

What was the reaction to the Bollywood film Malayana?

The song was a huge success in the States.

People loved the movie.

The movie has done a lot for our country.

It helped us to become aware of our culture and our identity and also help to develop our economy.

It was a big hit in the states and we had to promote it.

What other songs are you singing?

I sing Malayan songs because I am from Kerala.

The song ‘Kilam’ was a great hit.

I used to sing it when I came to Malayadu.

I have a few more songs.

When I sang ‘Kalyan’ in Malaya, the people came up to me and said, ‘I sing you Malayan songs because you are from Kerala’.

I was very happy.

Malayalia is a very strong language.

We have a strong voice in Kerala and Malayam is very strong.

How do you think Malayalinga songs will be used in the future?

I have spoken a lot about my family’s history and I am trying to show the world the love we have for our culture.

People love our songs and the songs that we sing about Malayan culture.

There are many Malayales songs which have been used by many artists in the past.

People are learning about our culture so that we can make Malayasia our own.

How does Malayalian music compare with Malay culture in the US?

There is a difference.

Malayan music is very important in the State.

Malaya has been a part of the Malayan language for thousands of years.

We know that we have more to offer.

The Malay-American community is a much larger community.

The music is popular in Malayan languages and the music that is being made in Malayedia is being written and sung in Malalayan.

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