By Steve Liss, ReutersThe Google Reader has made it easier to read music and video, but it’s still a cumbersome app.

Now, the company is rolling out a new version of the app that’s more user-friendly.

Users can now browse through their music and videos and easily play them, even if they don’t have the ability to download the file.

That’s a big step for Google Reader, which has struggled to keep up with new technology, such as streaming music services.

In fact, Google Reader was initially only available for Android phones.

Now, it’s available for iOS, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, and Linux, too.

To browse through music and movies, the app will open a list of folders and open the files in each.

You can click on the folders for individual songs or albums to download them, or to search the album.

It’s also possible to play the music from a file, but that’s a bit more complicated than playing it on your phone.

To download a song, you just need to hit the “Play” button on your device and select the song from the list.

You can also click the download icon on the right side of the list, which will bring up a pop-up window that shows you which folder you should be in.

It’ll tell you which file(s) you should download.

The app will continue to search for files, but there’s a new way to browse through the files: a menu option.

Once you’ve clicked on a file to download, the pop-ups will show up with information about the file(es).

You can scroll through them and find the files you want, or just hit the button to play them.

Google Reader also includes a “Read Later” feature, which allows you to quickly read the file once you’ve downloaded it.

The read later feature allows you and your friends to read the song(s), movie, or video right after you’ve finished it.

The option is also available for music and movie downloads.

To listen to a song or movie while reading, simply select the playback button in the pop up window, then hit the play button.

You don’t need to have the Google Reader installed on your computer to use the app.

You’ll need to download it.

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