By now you’re probably thinking, “Hey, why are they doing this?

I mean, we’ve got this new album.

This is a great song.”

And maybe you think, “Maybe I should just buy it.

Maybe I should listen to it to see if it’s something I should want to buy.”

But then you realize that this new song is a f***ing masterpiece.

It’s the best f***in’ f***er I’ve heard all year.

This song is like, “Oh my God, what a f**kin’ good song.

It sounds like a f****** good song.”

And I’m gonna tell you, the only thing worse than having a f*****g song on your playlist is having a shitty song on it.

It feels like a fucking chore to go through this song.

And the fact that this f***kin’ f**king good song was even released on a f*cking platinum record is amazing.

This f***n’ f*****t song is one of the most important f**ing songs I’ve ever heard.

I can’t believe that it’s still on my iPod.

But then again, I’m pretty sure this f*****r song isn’t even on my f****n’ turntable.

It’s not that I don’t like this song anymore, because I really do.

This f*****n’ good album.

And I’m not sure if I should buy it anymore, but if I did, I would be willing to do it for free.

I wouldn’t even have to put up a song download.

It wouldn’t cost me a dime.

So, if you’re like me, and you don’t know what f***t to do with your f*****ng money, then I’m here to help you.

This guide will show you how to download this f****in’ good f****ing song for free from the Internet, with absolutely no strings attached.

I know, right?

I’m just trying to help people.

So here’s how you can do this.1.

Download the song.2.

Unzip it.3.

Right click the song and select “Save as”4.

Click “Open in…”5.

Then go to the folder where you unzipped the song, and find the f***king file.6.

Copy the f*****s file into your computer.

You now have a f********ing F***ng file.

Now, if I have to spend a dollar to get this f**n’ F***n song, I might as well get it for FREE, right?!?

But you know what?

I will.

I’m a fan.

So this is how you do it.1- Open up the f****ng iTunes app on your computer, and go to Library.2- Open the F***king Artist Info page.3- Under the Artist info section, scroll down to f***ng artist names.4- Select your f***ns f*****d song.5- Under “Song Name,” enter your f****ns f***nthe f***s f***** f***** song.6- Then click “Start Downloading…”7- Click “Save to your iPod.”

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