A new study has found that, when people are reading sentences, their brains tend to process the words differently than the sentences themselves.

Key points:The new research has found differences in the way we read sentences and how our brains process them are reflected in differences in brain activityWhile most studies have focused on the role of language in reading, the new research by neuroscientists at the University of Bath and the University.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, looked at the brain activity of 200 people reading sentences from books and videos that were made up of different types of words.

They found that the participants’ brain activity changed depending on whether they were reading a sentence or a video.

While the participants were reading sentences in a natural reading environment, they also read sentences from a video game.

“Our study showed that people read sentences in different ways depending on what they were doing,” Dr Kavita Ramanathan, the study’s lead author, said.

“For example, people might be reading sentences because they’re reading the text in the text itself, but in this case, it might be because they were watching the video.”

Read moreThe study was based on a brain scan that had participants read a series of 10 sentences from the book ‘The Art of War’ by Ernest Hemingway.

They were then asked to rate each sentence on a scale of one to five, with five being the most difficult and five being most easy.

After they finished reading the sentences, the researchers asked them to rate their experiences with the sentences.

“The subjects reported more differences in their brain activity when they were looking at sentences written by the video game than when they had read them in the book,” Dr Ramanathas said.

The results showed that the brain was more active when the participants had read the sentences in the video than when the sentences were read in the novel.

“People’s brains tended to be more engaged when they viewed sentences written in the game, rather than the book, which is consistent with how people are actually reading and thinking about texts and texts,” she said.

What is brain imaging?

Brain scans are known to be a powerful tool for understanding how the brain processes information.

But this study suggests that people’s brains were more engaged in watching a video of the sentences they were being given.

“There was a shift in brain activation when we watched the sentences as opposed to reading them, but that wasn’t due to the video itself,” Dr Ranganathan said.

She said it was possible that this change was due to differences in how the participants read the texts in the two books they were studying.

“This is consistent across different types and types of texts,” Dr Rajanath said.

Dr Ramanatha said the research suggested that it was the language used in the videos that had the biggest impact on brain activity.

“We’re interested in what the brain does in reading sentences that involve language, whether it’s a sentence written in a text or video,” she explained.

“What is interesting is that it seems like people’s brain activity changes depending on how they’re actually reading.

So it’s possible that these changes reflect differences in what we’re actually trying to process in the mind.”

She said the study also suggested that people might not always be looking for the most straightforward way to read sentences, but instead could find the most nuanced way to understand them.


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