It’s been a long time since we’ve had any new Breath of The Wild songs, but it’s finally time for us to finally take a look at a song that was introduced to the series last year.

This is a song made by a certain guy named Dard.

As it turns out, this song is called “Dard Song”, and it’s pretty awesome.

This video shows off how to make Dard’s song in Breath of of the New World.

Dard is a mysterious, elusive, and enigmatic character from the game, and the video features a lot of clips from the previous Breath of New World songs.

What’s cool about this video is that you can make your own Dard song, which you can then share on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Let’s take a closer look at the video.

DankDishDardDardSong (Japanese: レディングデュージー・ドキラスト)Dard has been on the show once before, but this time he’s giving a shoutout to his fellow Legend of Zelda fans.

As you might know, Dard, as the song is titled, was the first Link to make an appearance in the original Breath of Time.

In the past, many fans have been upset with Dard for being a mysterious character who only appears in the games’ second and third installments.

But this is Dard again, making an appearance that will probably cause some people to be even more upset with him.

This time, though, Dank’s voiceover isn’t playing, so we can be sure it’s not because of the music.

We’re not really sure how to interpret this, but we’re going to take a stab anyway.

If you know the lyrics of Dard Song, you know that he’s a very mysterious person who seems to be searching for the “truth.”

He’s not exactly a bad guy, after all.

It’s also possible that Dard just wanted to make this video to show off his new song, but didn’t realize that his fans were already playing the game.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments!

DankDakar (Japanese, English)Dank (Dard)Dakard is back!

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