In a year of massive and unexpected news events, 2017 was the year that the music industry took the bold step of introducing a new song-by-song title for every song.

From Beyoncé’s Lemonade to the release of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

to the unexpected and unexpected arrival of the new Miley Cyrus song “Bounce Back,” there were a number of big news songs that were released with an “I Can’t Describe My Feelings” or “I Feel Like We’re Falling” tagline.

In 2017, however, there was also a surprising number of new songs that had a tagline that was very different from their previous ones.

There was the time an “Ice Cream Truck” from a band called The Black Eyed Peas dropped on the Spotify playlist.

There were the new collaborations between a band from Finland and a pop band from Australia called A-List.

And there was the song called “No. 1,” by a band in Canada called The Shapeshifters.

The Shapeshifter’s “No.”

1 is one of the most unique and memorable songs of 2017, and it’s one that had us wondering, “Is this a song we should be listening to?”

Let’s take a look at why it might not be. 1.

It’s Not a Great Name The Shattle-Pelicans’ “No 1” is the first new Shapeshifter song to come out since they released “Dangerous,” and we’re not just talking about the title.

“No,” which was written by frontman David Zayas and bassist Nick Soderberg in 2013, is a very unique song.

It sounds very different than the previous Shapeshifter songs, and yet it’s actually a very similar song to the previous one.

There are no similarities between “No” and “Dirty Little Secret,” and the two songs are not very different in terms of the songwriting or the song-writing structure.

What is the “No”?

It’s a number that comes after the name of a Shapeshifter member, as well as a number after a member’s last name, which can be confusing to some.

If you look at the lyrics for “No.,” for example, the songwriter asks, “Can you explain my name to me?

I’ve been called no.”

It’s not a really great name for a Shapeshifter, and the Shapeshifters have a reputation for being very secretive.

But the Shapeshifter is not a group that you’d expect to use a name that sounds so different from the rest of their songs.

And the Shattle Pelicans have done a great job of making it as unique as possible with their own songs, so it makes sense that they would use this title. “

I’m not a bad person/I’m just not that type of person.”

And the Shattle Pelicans have done a great job of making it as unique as possible with their own songs, so it makes sense that they would use this title.

So, why not call it “No?”?

There are two reasons why we might not want to call it that.

First, if you look closely at the word “No”, you’ll see that there are some interesting things happening in the middle of the word.

If it were spelled “No-one” it would sound more like a preposition.

But it’s not.

Instead, it sounds like a contraction.

It starts out “No, no, no,” which is what you’d hear if you were saying, “I can’t tell you what to do.”

In “No”-speak, “no” means “not,” and it starts out with that, “There is no one.”

The word “no,” however, means something different.

In English, you would usually say “No person” or something similar to that.

It would be “not-one,” and you’d see the word in that sentence.

“Yes, no.”

The same word “yes” is used in the phrase “there is no person.”

The difference between “yes,” and “no-one,” is that “yes.”

The English word “Yes” starts with the same “no.”

In this case, it means “I.”

So “No-” starts out as “I am not.”

When you hear the word, “No”‘s contraction “No!” is actually pronounced “No!.”


This sounds a little confusing, but the Shuffle Pelicans did an amazing job of creating a catchy and unique name for their new song.

In fact, the Shuffles were even able to come up with a new, catchy title for their song that was a combination of “no!” and “I-not.”


In this particular example, we’re talking about “No not

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