When you download a bombom track from iTunes, you’ll see a pop-up window letting you select which one you want.

You’ll be prompted to enter a number in the upper left, and a pop up window will appear to confirm that you want to proceed.

You can tap the number to confirm, or swipe to dismiss it.

If you click the “Continue” button, it’ll take you to a confirmation screen asking you if you want your track to start automatically when you restart the iPhone.

Once you confirm that, the bombom music will start downloading.

It’s not the only way to get a bomboms song to play, though.

If your iPhone is equipped with AirPlay, you can also control the radio station and choose to stream the track via AirPlay.

You need to be connected to the internet and can use either the wired or wireless network to stream.

You must have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to do this.

If the music starts playing, you will be prompted for a login to use the song.

Select the password you entered, then click the red “Continue with” button.

You will now be prompted with a screen with a countdown clock.

Tap the countdown clock to go to the next screen.

At the end of the countdown, you’re taken to a screen that says “Download now”.

Tap the “Done” button and the song will start playing.

If it does not, tap the “Reset” button to stop the song from playing.

You may also need to tap the Play button on the top right of the screen.

Once the song starts playing again, you need to choose to save it.

You might want to save the track so that you can play it later.

To do so, tap “Play” on the next page, then select “Save as” and save the file to your home folder.

You then need to go back to the playlist screen and tap “Download” to save your track.

If a pop in window asks if you’re ready to continue, tap that and it will continue playing.

Once it finishes, you are asked to select your iPhone as your radio station.

To listen to your local radio station, tap to open the radio app, then tap the Radio tab.

If there are no radio stations available, you must tap the next radio station to open.

The next page will ask you to select the “Playlist” button on your radio radio station list.

Select your favorite stations, then the “Select” button will appear.

On the next screens, select “Playback” to open a new playlist.

On this screen, tap on “Next” to begin listening to the station.

If everything works as expected, you should hear the songs you chose playing.

But, if the pop-ups doesn’t work, you might need to open your radio’s settings and change your station’s channel to listen to the local station.

You also might need some additional configuration, such as using a different app.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, try restarting the phone to get the problem resolved.

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