A new app, which allows users to download songs from websites like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes, has been designed to help people cope with depression.

The app, named Boyietas, allows users who have depression to listen to songs, as well as videos and images, in a way that allows them to get help and understand the music.

It’s called Boyietah, which stands for “boyietas are here,” a reference to a song in the movie The Lion King that describes a boy who has to learn to be strong, not scared of being weak.

Boyietahs are available for free from the app’s website.

The app’s creators, Maddy Shuster, said that while the app is designed to be a resource for people who are struggling with depression, she’s also trying to help other people.

Shuster said she and her husband, Paul, have struggled with depression in the past and wanted to create something that would help them to understand what the depression feels like and that can help them.

They also wanted to provide a place where they could talk openly about their depression.

Shusters said the app allows users of different age ranges to download a song and see it play in a different way depending on the age group.

The song will also show up in the user’s Spotify library.

The songs will be played automatically when they first start listening to the song, and users can adjust the volume of the song according to how anxious they are about the song playing.

Shuster said it also works for users who are having trouble sleeping.

The team also said the idea is to provide people with a safe space to share their feelings.

Shusters said that the app was designed to address the need for a safe place where people can talk openly and express their feelings about music, music videos, and movies.

They say that many people struggle with depression and that their feelings are not always understood, so this app will be a place for people to feel comfortable sharing their feelings and to feel empowered to talk about it.

The new app comes at a time when depression is a growing problem in the U.S.

The U.K. is among the countries that have introduced new legislation in recent years to help curb the spread of the mental health crisis.

A new law in Britain allows the Ministry of Justice to launch a national mental health campaign in schools to help children with depression feel more comfortable with themselves and others.

A similar bill in Denmark was approved earlier this year and will be presented to Parliament in 2018.

The apps help to make it more comfortable for people struggling with mental health issues to communicate, and the team hopes the app will help to educate people about the illness.

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