The first time you hear a siren on the radio, or see one in the supermarket, you probably think it’s just an animal barking in the background.

But what happens when the siren sounds like the voice of a real person?

That’s what a new podcast from Australian radio station Fairfax has discovered.

The podcast, titled Sira, was created by a couple from the United States who are now trying to sell a new Sirocco siren in Australia.

Siroccos are popular among Australians, with some calling them “the most recognizable siren”, “a favourite of those who love a good laugh” and “a little bit of a party animal”.

The new Sira will come in a range of colours and designs, including one featuring a smiling face.

But for now, the Australian public is only able to listen to the Australian version of the show, which is also available in the United Kingdom, France and the United Arab Emirates.

“We are working with some people who own Sirocs to bring them here,” says Fairfax’s managing director of content, Rob Griffiths.

“We’re hoping to get this show into the country as soon as possible.”

The podcast is the brainchild of Greg and Kate O’Connor, who met while working in the US as a freelance journalist in the summer of 2015.

Their podcast, The Art of Conversation, has been a huge success and attracted over 100,000 downloads.

They are now hoping to expand the podcast to other countries.

“It’s a little bit surreal to hear something that is an actual human being talking about a real siren,” says Greg O’Conner.

“It’s very strange, to say the least.”

The couple are now making the podcast available in other countries and are currently looking to recruit people who will record their voice, upload it to YouTube and record themselves using a GoPro camera.

“People who are not familiar with the Sirocca brand, I think it would be interesting to hear them speak out and tell their story,” says Kate O-Connor.

“And then we could start to create a podcast that people can actually enjoy.”

“I’ve got two sirens now,” laughs Greg O-Conner, who was able to take his new Siren to a nearby car dealership to have it fitted with a sirens speaker system.

“That’s my only siren now.”

The Australian version will be available for free, but a limited edition will be made available through Siroca’s website.

The podcast will be followed by a special episode, where the couple will talk about how they made the new siren.

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