Aahirampur, Gujarat, March 9, 2019 – Aahurabad, Gujarat’s second-largest city, was home to one of the most iconic songs of the country, the iconic Bollywood movie ‘Aaj Tak Bhatiya’.

The song ‘Aaahirabad’, which has been downloaded more than a million times on Google Music, has become the anthem of the city and the state.

Aahurampur has been the epicenter of the “Aaj-tak-Bhatiya” movement, in which young Bollywood stars and singers are taking to the streets of the town in an effort to raise awareness about their struggles.

The Bollywood singer and actor Rajinikanth is one of those celebrities who has become a leader in the “Bhatiyas”.

The song was written and performed by Bollywood legend Rajinikkanth.

The song, which has lyrics by actor Arjun Kapoor, was produced by Bhuvneshwar Singh, a well-known Bollywood producer.

Singh told NDTV that the song was born out of the struggles of young people who are struggling with various issues.

“I thought, ‘Aamir, we have to have a song that speaks to the struggles and aspirations of the young people of the state.’

The song has been written by me,” Singh said.

“The Bhatiyasa movement has been very visible in Gujarat.

It has helped people realise that this country has a huge opportunity.”

Singh said that he had spoken to the singer and asked him to take up the task.

“He has been working on it for a few months.

It’s about time he did something about it,” Singh told NDtv.

“We hope that he can take up this task and make it into a song.”

Singham said he was inspired to write the song by his experience working with his idol, Arjun, as well as his own struggle to raise his voice in Bollywood.

“A lot of people have struggled for a long time.

I feel that I have to fight harder to be heard,” Singh, who is the son of an IAS officer, said.

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